Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice provides critical information about the personal information we gather about you, how we use it, and with whom we may share it.

Except as set forth in this Privacy Notice and any relevant terms and conditions, we will not share your information to anybody.

Information about the mediators

If you work as a mediator, CKA MEDIATION may collect, use, and disclose information about you, your professional standing, and your interactions with CKA MEDIATION.

CKA MEDIATION or contractors acting on their behalf may seek information on mediators. This information may be gathered directly from you, from someone acting on your behalf, or from any other source (e.g. members of the public).

We’ll process data on mediators in order to:

  • offer services, process your transactions, manage our own accounts and records, adhere to regulatory requirements, and recover any money you owe us;
  • maintain our connection with you, including any marketing activities to which you consent;
  • offer the public with information regarding mediators’ professional status and credentials, as well as contact information for mediators.

Public information about individuals

On occasion, members of the public give us information about their personal situations, including via our website’s contact form. Occasionally, this is personal or highly sensitive personal data.

The CKA MEDIATION will process the following types of information pertaining to members of the public:

  • to enable it to operate as a regulator, examining complaints concerning mediators, for example
  • to maintain communication with the individual who has contacted us

Personnel, volunteers, and other professions

CKA MEDIATION will maintain records on its employees, volunteers, and other professionals. The CKA MEDIATION shall handle information on its employees, volunteers, and other professionals in order to manage its agreed-upon relationship with that individual.

Keeping and sharing data

When we utilise information for the aforementioned objectives, we may transfer and disclose it to the following:

  • anyone operating on our behalf, such as contractors who supply or enable us to do the aforementioned tasks, who will hold, process, transmit, and utilise the information on our behalf. Additionally, these receivers may handle, transmit, and disclose information to other parties for the purposes outlined above. On request, we can offer a list of those who have your data and act on our behalf. To submit such a request, please send an email to [email protected];
  • the public, in the case of mediators’ professional standing and credentials, as well as public contact information for mediators;
  • people if compelled by law.

When we utilise information for the reasons outlined above, we or parties operating on our behalf may electronically store the information in accordance with their privacy policies.

When we share personal data with service providers in accordance with our contractual obligations with them, we shall incorporate suitable protections to secure the personal data we share with them. The data receivers include, but are not limited to, information technology and communications service providers.

We may transfer personal data to countries outside the United Kingdom and the European Union in accordance with normal contractual terms.

How long we retain data

We retain all information for up to six years after the connection with the data subject has ended, save for the following:

  • We retain information on the professional status of mediators for 10 years after they are removed from the CKA MEDIATION registry.
  • We retain information on complaints and disciplinary actions, including punishments, for as long as the information is relevant.

Access to and correction of your personal information

You may submit a written request to obtain a copy of certain personal records that we maintain on you. In most situations, we will not charge a fee; in certain cases, we will levy a fee in accordance with the Information Commissioner’s Office’s (ICO) instructions and based on the administrative expenses associated with complying with the request. We shall respond to such a request within one calendar month (with certain exclusions in accordance with the ICO’s instructions), and the data will be shared in an open, standard format.

If you believe that the data we possess is erroneous or incomplete, you have the right to request correction at any time.

Requesting that we modify your choices and remove your data

You should notify us if your preferences on getting marketing information change.

We have a genuine interest in maintaining records regarding mediators. Requests to be deleted from the CKA MEDIATION’s current register will be honoured, however information will be archived in compliance with the CKA MEDIATION’s data retention regulations (see above).

We have a valid reason for retaining some information on certain members of the public. Where a valid interest is recognised, data shall be retained for the duration of that legitimate interest.

We may store information on your computer.

When you use any device to access the CKA Mediation website, information about your device may be stored and accessed in order to enhance your experience; improve the functionality, security, and performance of those websites; provide you with marketing; and/or provide us with information about how those websites are used and how you arrived at them.

Application to the ICO

CKA Mediation is a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Its initial coin offering (ICO) registration number is ZA15434348086.

In the event of a violation

If there is a breach of your personal data, we shall document it and evaluate the likelihood and severity of the resultant danger to your rights and freedoms. If we believe there is a danger, we will inform you and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) within 72 hours:

  • the type of the data in question, the approximate number of persons impacted, and the ramifications for them.
  • what reaction steps we have done or intend to take.

Make contact with us

All inquiries regarding this policy and the information we maintain on you, as well as requests to modify your marketing choices, should be directed to [email protected].

Changes to the Privacy Notice for CKA MEDIATION

CKA MEDIATION has the right to modify its privacy policy and Privacy Notice at any moment. Updated Privacy Notices will be posted on the CKA MEDIATION website and distributed to mediators registered with the CKA MEDIATION.